Niam Dundi presents PCRunLog Ⓒ workout logging software for runners, joggers, walkers or any activity which records distance or duration.

What is PCRunLog?
PCRunLog is software originally written for runners, joggers and walkers that runs on Microsoft Windows. Version 1.5, available for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store, is generalized such that any aerobic workout can be recorded, such as swimming, biking, rowing etc. making it suitable for swimmers, cyclists, tri-athletes or any excercise which uses duration or distance. Many people who exercise often record their workouts in a diary, journal, or on a calendar. PCRunLog enables people to enter and store their workouts on their computer, and provides many benefits which are not available if the information was stored on paper.

What are the benefits of using PCRunLog, if you can already log your workouts in a journal or calendar?
  • Quick retrieval of data. All your data is stored safely in one location on your computer. It is not split across various journals or diaries spanning several years. Because of this you can access your workout data from any day/month/year with a few mouse clicks.
  • Enter the same data you would enter in your diary. For each workout you can enter the workout date, distance, duration, custom values, verbose notes (i.e. your notes, thoughts, comments), workout type and shoes worn.
  • Statistics. Once your data is entered, you can view your statistics. PCRunLog automatically calculates your statistics and presents them to you on the fly. For example: how many miles did you run last month or all of last year? What was your longest run in April 2002? What is your average distance or average duration in a given month, year, or overall? PCRunLog tells you all these things with just a few mouse clicks!
  • Graphs. View graphs of your workouts. Graphs provide a great visual representation of your workouts at a glance. PCRunLog can graph both your distance and duration workouts. You can also graph your custom data values.
  • Shoe mileage tracking. Track your running shoe mileage. Know instantly how many miles you put on a pair of shoes, so you can determine if you want to replace them. Track an unlimited number of shoes at once.
  • Customizable running types. Use popular pre-defined running types such as "normal", "speedwork", "repeats", "fartlek", "hills" etc. or define your own types such as "High Street Run", "Loop around the park" etc. PCRunLog lets you customize easily!
  • Track other cardio workouts. Not just for running! Define your own aerobic non-running workouts such as swimming, biking, stair machine etc. Enter duration or distance values for these workouts and view their graphs and stats as well.
  • Print your workout details.
  • PCRunLog is straightforward and easy to learn and use! You don't need to be some computer whiz to figure it out.

    What PCRunLog is not:

  • It is not coaching software. It won't offer suggestions on how to train.
  • Not for multiple users. Version 1.5.0 cannot distinguish between multiple users. Only one person can enter his/her workouts.
  • Will not import data from your excercise recording device such as smart phone, gps, heart rate monitor etc.
  • Does not have real time GPS recording feature. You cannot take it with you on a portable device and expect it will record your GPS data and duration for you during your workout.
  • Check out these screen shots of the actual software:
    Enter workouts screen: Statistics screen: Graph screen: Shoe details:
    Want to see more screen shots? Access the online help.

    Download PCRunLog from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users. Go to the store now!

    Still have questions? Contact:

    For now, to keep costs down we are sticking to email support only.

    About us AKCOMPLISH   was a New Jersey (USA) based consulting company. PCRunLog started off as a tool written by  our avid runner president for his own use,   but seeing how useful it was for him, he decided to make it into a product. We really want PCRunLog to be very useful and easy, so we are highly receptive to feedback. If you find a bug or think some enhancement should be in the software, please let us know and we will look into it.

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